Traxtion at Subaru of Baton Rouge


Check Your Vehicle Health with the Traxtion Pad at Subaru of Baton Rouge

At Subaru of Baton Rouge, we’re excited to introduce our innovative Traxtion Pad service, designed to provide you with a comprehensive insight into your vehicle’s tires and axles. This cutting-edge service utilizes the latest Traxtion software from TPI to ensure you stay informed about your vehicle’s health.

With Traxtion, the moment you drive over the Traxtion Pad at our dealership on Airline, you’ll receive a FREE Vehicle Health Check sent directly to your smartphone. The results are generated as soon as the tire scan is complete, thanks to either the Groove Glove handheld scanner or the Tread Spec Drive-Over scanner.

Once the scan is done, you’ll receive a text message with a link to your personalized interactive Tire Health Report. This report is a visual representation of each tire’s condition, displayed with color-coding based on the amount of wear. Clicking on a specific tire allows you to view the wear profile, providing a side view that is color-coded for easy understanding.

This color-coded approach has proven to be the most effective way to graphically convey tire wear, making it simple for you to understand and address any issues. If your vehicle requires an alignment or rotation check, the inspection icon will be illuminated, either by the steering wheel or the rear axle.

Our alignment page uses video animation to visually explain any alignment issues such as tow or camber wear. The Tirewise Assistant further aids in clarifying why performing an alignment or rotation is crucial for your vehicle’s overall health.

The Traxtion service also includes a web-based E-Tread Tracker report, making it easy for you to share this valuable information. With just one click, you can send all the details to a spouse or parent, facilitating joint decision-making. Even if you’re not ready to make a purchase on the spot, our data shows that approximately 50 percent of customers may need more time to consider their options. Rest assured, our Traxtion Pad service empowers you with the information needed to make informed decisions about your vehicle’s maintenance and ensures you have the time you need.

As an added bonus, drive over our Traxtion Pad for a FREE Vehicle Health Check, which includes measuring tire tread, alignment check, and measuring your stopping distance. Plus, take advantage of our competitive pricing on a selection of high-quality tires.

Visit us at Subaru of Baton Rouge on Airline, drive over the Traxtion Pad, and experience the future of vehicle maintenance today!