Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by the novel coronavirus, COVID?19.
The pandemic that is devastating our country has left hundreds of thousands out of work and in need.
Specifically, the nation’s food banks are under tremendous strain. Donations are down. Critical
volunteers are staying home. And with schools closed across the country, many children are at greater
risk of hunger.
As the brand committed to Love for over a decade, naturally, it makes sense for Subaru to do our part
and help.
Together with our retailers, we must serve as a positive force in each of our communities and help
wherever we can, however, we can. We want to immediately help those affected and we know our
ongoing support will be necessary as our local communities work to get back on their feet.
Through the Subaru Love Promise, and the Subaru Loves to Help initiative to support local communities,
we are proud to announce a new partnership with Feeding America. Feeding America is the nation’s
largest domestic hunger?relief organization with 199 food bank relationships, serving 60,000 food
pantries across the country.
Subaru of America, Inc., along with support from Subaru Distributors Corporation and Subaru of New
England is donating 50 Million Meals to Feeding America.
To help distribute the 50 million meals into local communities where our retailers live and work, each
Subaru retailer will be assigned a portion of the 50 million meal donation based on your store’s percent
of Subaru’s overall sales from the previous 18 months. From there, we matched each of our 633 Subaru
retailers with their nearest Feeding America Food Bank. Since there are 199 food banks and 633 Subaru
retailers, some food banks will have multiple retailers assigned. Your DSM, ZRMM or RMM will email
you the food bank you're matched with and your food bank contact information. They will also provide
the number of meals that will be donated to each food bank on behalf of Subaru and the assigned
Subaru retailer(s).